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XIXI300 - 200 Xixi Coins
XIXI750 - 500 Xixi Coins
XIXI1500 - 1000 Xixi Coins
XIXI7500 - 5000 Xixi Coins

Players, enjoy the free Special Gift Pack exclusive for LoadCentral-purchased XIXI Coins. See mechanics here ►http://newsdetail.xixigames.com/s201203/2012032302360079.html

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★My Music Store★ *NEW PRODUCT*

Introducing MyMusicStore - the Philippines' BIGGEST online music portal where you can download original music from both local and international artists for as low as P20.

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Minsan, maganda din naman ang legal na paraan ng pagdownload ng mga kanta. :)


New products coming very, very soon! :)

New products coming very, very soon! :)


★ iTunes Gift Cards - Now available with MOLPoints ★

iTunes is a free application that lets you play music, videos, and more on your computer. And it's a store where you can add to your collection anytime, day or night. Send a song, an album, a TV episode, an entire TV show, or a movie — even give a custom mix of songs — to anyone.

Loadcentral New products =)

We have new products in the platform:


Cignal Digital TV is a subscription-based Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite television service provider in the Philippines. Cignal is owned by MediaScape, a wholly owned subsidiary of the MediaQuest Holdings, Inc. under the PLDT Beneficial Trust Fund. This is the main competitor of Dream DTH satellite TV.


Selling CiGNAL Load with Loadcentral

I. LoadCentral Retailer: How to sell

= Ask for the following:
o Cignal account number
o Cignal prepaid subscription package (Plan 250, Plan 390, Plan 590 etc.)
o Desired number of months to load (Available loads are 1 month or advance load for 3 or 6 months)


CIGNAL Load *New Product*

The long wait is finally over. ★ Cignal is now with LoadCentral! ★


Deposits SMS Format

Sending SMS message to our Deposit VerificationText Hotline 09285083355

NOTE: Sending of incomplete deposit details or sending incorrect Syntax will nullify your SMS. To avoid any inconvenience, kindly follow syntax and complete your details.


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